Press, 2018
“The viola plays the “first violin” in this recital, simultaneously imitating the cello, and Andra Dārziņa presents herself not only as a great instrumentalist, but also as an arranger and producer. Of the 15 songs in this collection, only the three by Frank Bridge (Benjamin Britten’s teacher) originally were composed for voice, viola and piano, the remainder has been re-arranged for this lineup. (…)The viola creates in all cases the atmosphere and carries the emotions, the vocal part seems to be secondary (…). “

Nürtingen Newspaper 2012
„The Gremonda Trio led the public through three centuries of refined chamber music.
This unusual ensemble with Renate Greiss-Armin, Andra Darzins and Johannes Monno dared to explore seldom tread musical paths. (….)
Together with Johannes Monno´s guitar, the Australian born violist Andra Darzins  let her viola sing in a way that Franz Schubert may well have imagined as he brought his Arpeggione Sonata to paper.”

East Fresian Courier, 2013
„It is impossible for a room to be quieter, one does not dare breathe, no shuffling of feet or any other movement is noticable – everyone is listening in tense expectation. It is so that noone wants to miss even a single note of this remarkable trio.“

Emden Newspaper 2013
„Much applause for the Gremonda trio in Emden. (….)
In her solo, violist andra Darzins led the public into seldom heard spheres of her instrument with Paul Hindemith´s Sonata for Viola op. 25 nr. 1. In the slow movement  the audience was led into torments of the soul, only to be freed from these depths through the furious tempo of the fast movement. This tempo laden way of playing is thrilling. What the artist made of this movement would have done any rock concert pride. This was enthralling, the artistic climax”

The Stuttgart Newspaper, November 2012
„…. the concert of the SWR Vocal Ensemble Stuttgart served the public a colourful mix of Feldmann and Cage. Morton Feldmann´s „Rothko Chapel“ enthralls through an ethereal viola (Andra Darzins) and the delicately dissonant hovering sounds of the choir. All feeling of time disappears in this marvellous sound texture.“

The Darmstadt Echo, February 2012
„World class playing in the castle…..Andra Darzins drew all facets from the works, she  tickled out impressionistic colours just as well as clouds of pompous romantic sound… musicianship on the piano to which the viola sang melodies of unearthly beautiful sound.“

Fono Forum, November 2010
„Melancholy, yearning, dark and mysterious. These words best describe the character of the music. However the reason for this lies not solely in the compositions but also in the deep and profound sound Andra Darzins entices from her instrument.“

Tyrol Daily Paper September 2006
„The big discovery was undoubtedly Andra Darzins with her infallible feeling to combine rhythmic clarity with flexible artistry. The multiple prize winning violist played with a distinctive, fascinating tone and an extraordinary depth of musical expression.“

Round News Lausitz, February 2005
„Andra Darzins plays a wonderful instrument and produces a viola sound that can make you fall in love with this remarkable instrument – smooth as butter, creamy as cream, shiny as silk and voluminous as velvet. The soloist and orchestra hovered, lost to the world in all-encompassing melody.“

Country of Lippe Newspaper, December 2003
„Andra Darzins and Lauma Skride presented a sophisticated, polished performance in every last detail. Chamber music at it´s finest.“

„Die Welt“, March 2003
„To sing a melody and simultaneously accompany it through plucking sounds. This is technical prowess. And this virtuoso violist is capable of even more….“

Hamburg Morning Paper, November 2000
„Her seemingly effortless virtuosity was marked by a joy of playing but also illustrated a fine feeling for the dark tone of the instrument.“

Harburg News, February 1996
„The highlight of the evening was the phenomenal performance
of Bartok´s Viola Concerto by Andra Darzins.“